Day 6 - 08/26/2005 - Broke Down In Wilcox 80 Miles East Of Tucson

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A change of pace I had breakfast What-A-Burger (About the same as McDonalds) Hop on I-10 and headed towards Tucson, Arizona. My motorcycle die at Wilcox, Arizona. I push it to a truck stop about couple of hundred yards away. Some guy stop and help the last 50 yards (Thanks unknown guy). Wilcox is in the middle of nowhere 80 miles east of Tucson (I was lucky it was there). I called Andy at Metric Cycles, he think it's a electric problem. Andy help me find a tow and a shop for me in Tucson (Thanks Andy). I had lunch at this TA truck stop (It sucked) and decide to do some stuff on the computer and found out they have WIFI service. So I checked my email and surfing the web wile I waited on the tow truck to get here (hour and a half). I got into Tucson about 6:30 PM at Sparks Cycles. They think it's the alternator or a burn out wire from the alternator to the battery (I'm hoping it's the wire). They said they would look at it first thing in the morning. The owner gave me a ride to my hotel 3 miles a way (Thanks Mike). I cleaned up, had dinner, washed my clothes and went to bed.
Total Miles 1750 (With Tow)
Truck Stop in Wilcox 1
Truck Stop in Wilcox 2
Truck Stop in Wilcox 3
Tow 1
Tow 2
Tow 3
Sparks Cycles In Tucson Arizona

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