Day 14 - 09/03/2005

Started late again, had breakfast again at McDonalds and headed out on a back road (Old Canyon Rd.) to Walnut Canyon National Monument. I hike down into Walnut Canyon and walk in the footsteps of the people that lived there over 900 years ago. There homes were built into the side of the canyon under limestone overhangs. This place was worth the stop. I continue on Hwy 40 to Meteor Crater (Exit #233). I remember seeing this place in the movie 'Star Man". It is a really big hole! I don't think the $12.00 charge was worth it, but it was neat to see. I had lunch there and continue on Hwy 40 again to the Petrified Forest National Park. I like this park, you drive through it to see everything (26 miles). The best part of the park is the "Painted Desert", alone it was worth the price of admission. It started getting dark at 7 PM when I left the park and head towards St. Johns on Hwy 80. I ate dinner in St. Johns at Spanky's (A burger place) it was OK. The two hotel here were fully booked (Some kind of car race happening this weekend) so I headed down further down to Springerville. I check four hotels that were also fully booked. I lucked out on the fifth hotel (Super 8) that had a cancelation. I made my self at home and went to bed around midnight.
Total Miles 2610
Day 14
Walnut Canyon
Meteor Crater
Route 66
Petrified Forest
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